Orford, Triabunna and Swansea in Tasmania, Australia

Orford, Tasmania, Australia

DSCN3172 Prosser River, Orford, Tasmania, Australia

Prosser River, Orford, Tasmania, Australia

From Hobart, we continued on our holiday travel to Orford. Orford is a 1-hour drive north of Hobart.  It is a popular holiday village on the east coast of Tasmania. The village is centered on the mouth of the Prosser River with stunning riverside and bayside views and delightful bushwalks.

As we were there in summer, the weather was warm and sunny.  It was perfect for a stroll along the Convict Trail by the river. The Old Convict Road was built by convicts many years ago obviously with an enormous amount of hard manual labor.  Today it is a very pleasant walk through the bushland beside the river.

DSCN3186 Prosser River, Orford, Tasmania, Australia

Jellyfish in the Prosser River, Orford, Tasmania, Australia


We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere while taking in the fantastic views and watching the Common Brown Butterfly (Heteronympha merope) flying about.

Prosser River is a popular fishing spot and we saw several fishing boats traveling up and down the river.  There was abundant shellfish including oysters on the rocks on the river banks.  The water was crystal clear with jellyfish plainly visible in the river.

Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia

DSCN3199 Great Oyster Bay, Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia

Great Oyster Bay, Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia

Triabunna, a larger town, is a short drive from Orford and is the main port in the area.  It is the gateway to the natural wonders of Maria Island National Park. Triabunna has a ferry service operating to and from Maria Island.  The clean ocean waters off Maria Island are a prime fishing area, and Triabunna is well known for its delicious seafood.  We had fresh and tasty fish and chips for lunch and would recommend it to anyone visiting the coastal town.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to explore Maria Island National Park so will add it to our holiday travel list for a future visit.

Swansea, Tasmania, Australia

DSCN3206 Great Oyster Bay, Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia

Great Oyster Bay, Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia

The drive north from Triabunna to Swansea takes about 40 minutes and is characterised by magnificent views of Great Oyster Bay and Maria Island. Swansea is a charming seaside village overlooking Great Oyster Bay and the majestic granite peaks of Freycinet National Park.  Great Oyster Bay is a broad and sheltered bay on the east coast of Tasmania which opens onto the Tasman Sea.

Indulge in the fresh seafood, explore the ruggedly beautiful coast, and allow extra time to capture the scenic beauty of the place.

East Coast Of Tasmania

The picturesque towns of Orford, Triabunna and Swansea on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia, form a perfect outdoor holiday travel experience.  From delectable food, adventurous aquatic activities, pleasant bushwalks to hikes on the rugged coasts, there is something for everyone.

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